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Best Guided Tour Operators For Older Travellers And Seniors

Top Escorted Tour Operators For Older Travellers

Group Tours For Senior Citizens

& Top travel agents for older travellers

Back when we were in university, we noticed certain tour operators focused on younger travellers for exciting party tours to exotic destinations for activities such as skiing in Banff, Alberta or lounging on the beach in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tina even took a bus tour down to Florida.

It is nice to know that some group tour operators also focus on older travellers with destinations and activities that are tailored to our preferences and limitations. They are recognizing that a high percentage of global travel expenditures are made by people aged 50 and older. Older travellers are living longer, healthy lives and are more affluent than younger travellers with more free time to travel.

Some tour operators and group tours go so far as to exclude guests under a certain age.

Of course, some types of vacation, such as cruising, are very popular with older travellers, especially during low season. Cruises inherently meet the wants and needs of older travellers and are a great way to travel to multiple countries with convenience and luxury.

However, these tour operators have great itineraries and include features that allow older travellers to experience the things and places they love at the right pace for them, all while making new friends in their own age group.

City Tour Bus and Hotel

Choosing A Tour Operator

Travel companies catering to older travellers and senior citizens focus on comfort and usually are not cheap. You will probably spend $200-$300 per day (not including flights). They usually use large, comfortable buses and higher-end hotels. The cost of some meals and attractions will be included in the price. The tour Itineraries often grab your interest with in-depth cultural activities or slower-paced beautiful outdoor activities.

It is very nice to be taken to the best tourist attractions in each city and often skip the lineup or even possibly save a bit of money compared to doing it yourself. Avoiding the time, stress and aggravation involved with researching and booking all of the accommodations, transportation, and attractions is well worth the cost.

The benefit of an escorted tour that is hard to quantify or compare is the quality of your tour guide. Read reviews to find out which tour operators have the most knowledgeable and helpful tour hosts.

We have categorized the tour operators below depending on your needs and interests to help you select the tour company that is right for you.

Tour bus (motorcoach)

Guided Tours And Group Tours For Older Travellers


Collette provides comprehensive, well-managed guided tours for travelers seeking an exploratory, comfortable travel experience.

The typical age of their customers is over 45 and their top travel regions include North America and Europe.

They pride themselves on their private & customizable tours that balance iconic must-sees with immersive cultural experiences.

Tours with Collette are classified by 5 basic physical activity levels so you can choose the one that is best for you.


Globus provides all-inclusive bus tour packages, balanced itineraries between planned activities and free time, centrally located accommodations, and VIP access to some attractions (skip the lines and get behind-the-scenes experiences), so it is very popular with older travellers.

Grand Circle Travel

Grand Circle Travel has operated for over 50 years and is based in the United States. Their clients mainly enjoy extended-stay vacations in off-season months to low-cost, warm countries.

The most popular countries with their customers, like Spain or Portugal, have low prices that enable many seniors to travel in dignity, with high-quality meals and great accommodations.

Their clients can also book Alaskan cruises, European and Asian River cruises, hiking and biking excursions, Canadian holidays, and inexpensive homestays as well as tours to Europe, India, Africa and Asia.

Insight Vacations

Insight Vacations tours let you travel in style, which is what Retirestyle Travel is all about.

You can enjoy “Easy Pace” group tours that include 3-night minimum stays at each hotel, lots of free time for exploring, and relaxed starts in the morning so you can sleep a little later.

They also offer faster-paced “Discovery Journeys”, which travel to several countries in one itinerary.

Luxury Gold

Luxury Gold is affiliated with Insight Vacations, but it offers even more luxurious and high-end travel experiences.

Their tours include five-star accommodations, one-of-a-kind VIP Experiences such as after-hours visits to attractions like the Temple of Luxor, and gourmet fine dining experiences at Michelin star rated restaurants.

Most travellers on their tours are aged between 45 and 75. The tours are intimate with group sizes usually between 14 and 28 people.

Odyssey Traveller

For mature and senior travellers, Odyssey Traveller offers a range of educational- based learning tours in 90 countries.

They offer a range of activity levels, from walking tours through national parks to laid-back river cruises where appropriate to the markets.

They try to strike a balance between guided touring and free time to explore and strive to keep the group sizes between 6 and 15 people.

Odyssey offers seniors coach tours all around the world, but their specialty and home market is Australia.

Saga Holidays

Saga Holidays takes over 250,000 senior citizens on vacation each year.

They specialize in escorted motorcoach tours, mainly in the United States and Europe, but also in Mexico, Australia, Asia, and South America.

They also offer cruises and extended stay vacations.

Senior Discovery Tours

Senior Discovery Tours is a Canadian company that has established a reputation over 45 years as a leader in escorted group travel for the mature traveller.

Their escorted tours and cruises are designed to provide peace-of-mind for the traveller who enjoys a carefree experience including flights, hotels, transfers, most meals, all tips, and all taxes as well as insurance for cancellation and for health while outside of Canada.


Trafalgar caters to travellers who are between the ages of 55 and 70 years old.

They must be doing a good job because they have over 60,000 5-star reviews on their website to vouch for a high level of customer satisfaction.

Tours on all seven continents are curated to suit almost any interest, including things like national park tours, foodie tours, religious tours, and battlefield tours.

One drawback is that Trafalgar’s group sizes can be larger than the other tour operators and feel less intimate.

YMT Vacations, Inc.

Your Man Tours has operated mostly in the USA for over 40 years, but also now offers tours to the Caribbean, Europe, and Panama Canal.

Their reasonably-priced tours are fully escorted, and sometimes consist of a mixture of hotel stays, flights, cruises, and land tours.

Educational, Historical, and Cultural Tours For Seniors & Older Travellers

Most older travellers want slow travel in comfort and the types of activities they prefer are very focused on learning about history and other cultures.

50+ Voyagers Travel and Adventure Club

50+ Voyagers Travel offers leisurely-paced, comfortable and safe senior citizen group tours to India and international destinations.

Travel with people with similar age (over 50) and interests and make life-long friends while you are at it.


Backroads (branded as Blue-Roads in North America) offers small groups tours focused on cultural immersion, sightseeing, and travelling the “back-roads” places that are not as popular with tourists.

Overseas Adventure Travel

Overseas Adventure Travel is a USA-based company that offers educational, culturally-immersive, and off-the-beaten-path group tours to every continent for groups of between 8 and 16 travellers.

25% of their customers are solo-travellers, with the majority of those being women.

Road Scholar

Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel) provides over 5,500 learning adventures in 150 countries designed for travelers aged 50 and older. One of their goals as a non-profit organization is to keep their trips affordable to encourage life-long learning.

They have been doing it since 1975. Like many others, we love the idea of keeping our minds sharp as we age.

Tours are have themes based on interests such as music, art, and bird watching as well as by destination and physical activity level. They offer programs in the USA, but also in exotic places like Egypt, Nepal, and Fiji.

Accommodations and meals are not luxurious, but instead are in student residence halls, underused hostels, or standard motels and hotels.


Tours For Active Older Travellers

We hope that we will be lucky enough to be in good-enough physical condition and have enough energy to participate in athletic and more physically strenuous travel activities that will exercise our bodies as well as our minds. Sometimes the most spectacular and unique sights and places are off-the-beaten-path so they are hard to access.

Adventures Abroad

Adventures Abroad specializes in group tours with 18 participants or less and will take you hiking or on other adventurous excursions in bucket-list, exotic destinations like Costa Rica.


Founded in 1987, Toronto-based ElderTreks was the world’s first adventure travel company that limits its guests to ages 50 and over.

Senior Cycling

Senior Cycling specializes in bicycle tours for active senior citizens who are 50 years of age and up.

They offer small group adventure tours in the United States and Canada with options for easy, intermediate, and advanced rides.

They also allow class one pedal assist only eBikes for those that aren’t able to bike as far unassisted.


Tour Operators Specializing In Travel For People With Mobility Issues

Some tour operators for older travellers can accommodate guests with limited mobility, others might have itineraries that involve lots of walking where wheelchair or walker access is not possible (such as places with steep inclines or on unpaved or cobblestone walkways). Thus, you should do your research before booking if you have a mobility impairment.

There are also many travel agents that specialize in booking accessible travel activities, transportation and accommodations for mobility impaired travellers, but there are too many to list in this article.

Access Tours

Access Tours is a non-profit organization providing wheelchair accessible package vacation tours in the American West.

They cater to people with physical disabilities, especially slow walkers and scooter or wheelchair users, along with those who would normally accompany them.

Travel For All

Travel For All is a Canadian-based travel agency founded founded on the belief that everyone with the desire should be able to experience the beauty of the world in which we live. They don’t offer their own guided tours, but specialize on custom travel itineraries for people with complex health needs, including deaf, blind, mobility impaired, and developmental challenges.


Tour Companies That Specialize In Solo Travel For Older Travellers

Being single should not stop us from travelling. Some of us never married or have lost our significant other and some people just love to meet new people when they travel.

Traveling alone can be quite difficult and sometimes unsafe, especially if you’re a senior citizen.

Normally the online prices for a tour, cruise, or all-inclusive vacation represent a per-person, double occupancy price. if you are traveling alone, you must pay a higher price, called the “single supplement”, which can increase the cost by 50% or more.

Several tour operators realize that many seniors are solo travelers and offer “single-friendly” trips, cruises, and group tours with a no-cost or low-cost single supplement. Other tour companies will give you an opportunity to be matched with a roommate of the same sex and smoking preference as a way to avoid the single supplement.

EF Go Ahead Tours

EF Go Ahead Tours is a 35-year old Canadian company that offers guided tours across all 7 continents. They also offer many food and wine tours.

They welcome solo travelers on their popular solo tours where you can meet like-minded single adventurers.  They also have smaller group sizes (maximum 35 people) for a more intimate experience. They also have escorted tours by train, cruise and even walking tours.

The “EF” in their name stands for “Education First”, so they could have also been listed in the Educational category above.

Singles Travel International

Singles Travel International has trips and cruises for all age ranges, but they also offer cruises specifically for singles aged 50 and older several times a year.

You can choose a room sharing option or a more expensive private room. People who smoke, snore, or use a CPAP machine may have to pay for a higher-cost single room if a roommate cannot be found.

Solos Holidays

Solos Holidays offers international trips for singles in three age categories: over 30, over 40, and over 50.

This company is based in the UK, so trips depart from London and are priced in British pounds.

On their tours, you can enjoy single rooms and private facilities without a single supplement.

Tauck World Discovery

Tauck World Discovery is a luxury tour operator that offers group tours that consist of combinations of, motorcoach tours, rail tours, and riverboat and small ship cruises.

Tauck reduces or eliminates its single supplement on select itineraries. Check their website for a list.


We hope you can use the information above to find a tour operator or travel agent that will help you take worry-free dream vacations in comfort and style while making lifelong friendships with other older travellers and seniors.

If you have used any other great tour operators that cater to senior citizens and older travellers, please let us know in the comments below.


Happy Travels,

Kevin & Tina

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    • Kevin Strong

      Several of the tour operators are based in the UK and specialize in Europe (departing from London and other major cities). I’d love to hear about their experiences on tours like this as we are just starting to get to the point where we want to go on guided/escorted tours for a slower pace, less hassle, and to travel with older travellers like us and seniors with similar interests.

    • Edward

      We`re all aging, so travel should be adapted to our new standards. The Assisted Villas in the Caribbean allows the elderly and persons with disability to enjoy a Caribbean trip with personalized care, something never seen before. Glad to see this list show we got even more support.

      • Kevin Strong

        I am happy to share this information for the older travellers that might be travelling to the Dominican Republic on a tour or just on their own itinerary.

      • Robert Edwards

        My wife and i are seniors like to travel to spain and portugal. We have a little mobility issues and like to have toilets in the tour buses can you help us please thanks

        • Kevin Strong

          Most of these tour operators will have toilets in their tour buses (perhaps some buses that are only used for sightseeing in one city might not).

  • JoJo Hall

    I didn’t realize there were so many tours and companies which cater to the older population. That’s a good thing to note not only for older travelers but for travelers who are young now (like myself) and will continue to traveler later on in life.

    • Kevin Strong

      Some of these tour operators limit tours to people over a certain age, but most do not, so if you love slow travel and stress-free escorted tours, you can still go.

    • Kevin Strong

      We are glad you found the article informative. Most of these companies do not exclude younger travellers (although a few only book for people age 40 and over), so you can still enjoy a luxurious, worry-free escorted tour to a dream travel destination.

  • Barry

    This is a very comprehensive guide for seniors who love organised trips. I have to admiy I fall into the seniors group but have done only a few organised trips. I therefore am glad that you have included companies that specialise or have availability for singles and solo travellers like me. Good to see you cover many parts of the world. I’m keeping this for future use as it would be really useful for me.

    • Kevin Strong

      We have not really done an escorted tour with one of these tour operators, but we will start soon and do it often in the future. I like how people of different activity levels can find an seniors guided tour that is right for them and solo travellers can meet others while they travel and save on the single supplement fee. I hope this article helps you in the future.

  • Jack (Nomad Tactics)

    Before reading this I have no idea there are so many service catering to older travellers. Unlike young people like me who have no money, you guys have way more option when it comes to travel.

    • Kevin Strong

      Older travellers definitely have different travel preferences. Less exploring and more disposable money, so guided tours with escorted tour operators are ideal.

    • Rupali Paul

      That is such a fab list. I would love to go on to any of such leisure tours. Though it is a bit long shot for me to get into seniors bracket, it would be lovely to get on these tours some day. I especially agree with your statement on the elderly having money & time to enjoy these tours.
      Thanks for sharing.


      • Kevin Strong

        Thanks, Rupali. We also want to go on many of these luxurious escorted tours from these tour operators that cater to older travellers and seniors. You don’t have to be a senior to go on these tours, you just have to want to travel like a senior.

  • The Healthcare Hustle

    I am really glad you chose to write about this. Whenever we are traveling with grandparents, finding ways to accommodate them can be a struggle but we still want to share these special moments with them. This is so important!

    • Kevin Strong

      These tour operators actually encourage the older travellers to bring their kids or grandkids so everyone can enjoy the escorted tour together.

  • T. Annette

    Wonderful information! I’m going to check into these companies. This takes the stress from new travelers. I want to travel with my mother who is a senior and this shows me that there are travel agencies that cater to this generation. Thanks for sharing!

    • Kevin Strong

      These tour companies encourage their older clients to bring their kids and grandkids along, so you’ll fit right in. Have fun.

    • Kevin Strong

      We appreciate that. We want our articles to be helpful and easy to read. This one should help readers choose the right escorted tour operator for seniors and older travellers.

  • William

    These are is a really good tips. Simple but very accurate information. Thanks for sharing this must-read article for older travellers.

  • barry

    Quite a compprehensive list of all the tour operators around for us oldies. I have only been on a few tours, usually just for a day, but as your article says they are often good value for the experience they offer. Nice to see you have include operators that cater for single older people as well – I defo fall into that category.

    • Kevin Strong

      We’re the same. Up until now, we might go on a city bus tour or an excursion in a cruise port of call. We can’t wait to try some escorted tours from the tour operators in this article, especially those the cater to older travellers and seniors.

    • Kevin Strong

      This article quickly made it to page 1 on google search for related search terms such as tours for older travellers or guided tours for seniors. I hope it has useful information because older people have more time and money to go on escorted tours like these.

  • Mitch VeryTastyWorld

    Thanks for sharing this comprehensive listing for older travellers. It’s especially useful as you have covered operators in a number of different countries, for trips all over the world as well as different styles of travel.

    • Kevin Strong

      Some tour operators focus or specialize in certain countries (especially those doing niche guided tours such as for the physically challenged), but the big ones try to do them all.

  • Autumn

    Thank you for compiling the information and posting! I am definitely going to share with my mom who is retired. She will greatly benefit from this info.

    • Kevin Strong

      It’s nice to have the list of tour operators for senior citizens and older travellers in one place and to be able to see what niches they focus on.

    • Kevin Strong

      We have booked most of our own travel, which we find fun (especially doing the research), but I know that as we age we will want less headaches and stress and these tour operators look like a good option.

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