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TV Shows And Movies Filmed In Winnipeg or Manitoba

Movies That Were Filmed In Winnipeg & Manitoba

Television Shows That Were Filmed In Winnipeg & Manitoba

Also Learn How To Work In Film & Television As An Extra In Winnipeg


What Is It Like To Be An Extra?

Kevin has always had a love of acting.

Kevin and our children have recently started getting “work” as background performers (or “Extras”) in music videos, commercials, TV shows, independent films, and movies.

The pay isn’t great, but the work is easy and fun.

Kevin has landed feature roles in television & streaming true crime re-enactment shows like “I Knew My Murderer”, “In Plain Sight”, “The Day My Job Tried to Kill Me”, “Heartland Homicide”, “Finally Caught”, and “Sunshine Slayings”. Those roles are fun and easy because there is no dialogue to learn. You just get into costume and do what the director tells you to do.

Most of your day is spent in the extras holding area, which usually has seating and lots of snacks. In addition, you’ll usually get one really good catered hot meal a day.

On major productions, you may be required to have a paid costume fitting and a paid COVID-19 screening test.

The only downside is that many of the productions lately have been filming in small towns up to 1 hour outside of Winnipeg and they don’t pay anything for gas or your driving time to get there.

How Much Does It Pay?

Some productions pay a flat rate of around $200 for showing up regardless of whether you work 5 hours or 14 hours. Often, commercials pay a higher flat rate.

Other productions pay at an hourly rate close to minimum wage, but usually work you for 12 or 14 hours and you start getting overtime at time-and-a-half after 10 hours.

How Do I Get Started?

There are a few good casting agents for background performers, so be sure that you send them your performing resume, measurements, and recent headshots to get in their system. After that, you may still have to re-submit an application e-mail or fom to be considered for new projects.

They do not charge you anything for this and you should beware of any casting companies that try to charge you money to register.

Kevin has had good results from DJT Casting, Kari Casting, Madlib Casting, Next Casting, and Vista Casting.

There are also some Facebook groups where producers and casting agents put out calls for auditions or applications for acting roles and extra work that you should join to check periodically. Just search for the terms “Winnipeg” plus either “act”, “extra”, “background”, or “film”.

Eventually, you’ll have to decide if you want to join the actors union called ACTRA or work behind the camera on a film crew, but those are for other articles.

Winnipeg As A Film And TV Production Hub

The reason these roles are available in Winnipeg, Manitoba is because the Manitoba Provincial Government has tax credits for production companies that give them financial incentives to film in Manitoba.

These incentives have been around for many years, so Winnipeg has developed have a deep pool of film crew to work on even the largest productions.

Manitoba Film And Sound is out actively promoting Manitoba as a great place to film with amazing filming locations and even a large sound studio.

Kevin often reads, with great interest, news articles and social media posts about celebrities who are in Winnipeg working on movies and TV shows and often sees the unmistakable large, white film trailers at various locations around the city.

There have been more crime re-enactment shows and Hallmark romance movies filmed in Winnipeg than we can count.

If you have been lucky, you might have spotted an A-list actor in Winnipeg and maybe even got their autograph.

What Big Hollywood-type Productions Were Filmed in Manitoba?

Let’s cut to the chase. We thought our readers might also be interested in some of the well-known television and film productions that occurred in Winnipeg or other parts of Manitoba.

If you watch these relatively recent programs and films, keep your eye open for locations and landmarks you recognize. You might even see someone you know (or Kevin) in the background or with a minor role.


Falcon Beach.

2006 teen drama similar to Dawson’s Creek filmed in Winnipeg Beach & Gimli.


2013 supernatural drama on NBC .

Todd and the Book of Pure Evil.

2010 campy teen horror/comedy filmed in Winnipeg.

The Pinkertons.

2014 period detective drama filmed in Winnipeg and Gross Isle.


2015 sitcom and sketch comedy show filmed in Winnipeg.

Fun Fact: Kevin was an extra in a few episodes of this TV show. 

Channel Zero.

2016 supernatural & science fiction anthology series that aired on Space for 4 seasons and was filmed in Winnipeg and Selkirk.

Tales From The Loop.

2020 Amazon Prime science fiction show shot in Winnipeg, Morden & Bird’s Hill Park.

Fun fact: Kevin and Dante were extras in this show, but could not find themselves in the finished product.

Burden Of Truth.

CBC law drama show shot in Selkirk that ran from 2018 to 2021.

Fun fact: Kevin and Dante were extras in an episode of this show.

Several made-for-TV movies were also shot in Manitoba in the past 15 years, including The Don Cherry Story, Mr. Hockey: The Gordie Howe Story, Jack: The Jack Leyton Story, The Winnie The Pooh Story, Category 7: The End of the World, and even Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure starring Tom Arnold.


For Keeps.

1988 teen romance & coming of age story that was filmed primarily in Winnipeg and starred Molly Ringwald and Pauly Shore.

Fun fact: We included this film, even though it is over 30 years old, because so many people told us we forgot to include it on this list. 

For The Moment.

1993 low-budget war movie starring Russell Crowe.

Fun fact: This movie was filmed in Manitoba (mostly Brandon & Shilo, but also Grand Beach and Winnipeg) and was also set in Manitoba. It is about British WWII pilots training in Manitoba.


2001 action film starring Halle Berry, Hugh Jackman and John Travolta that was filmed partly in Winnipeg.

Fun fact: Local company Frantic Films did some amazing special effects in this film.

K-19: The Widowmaker.

2002 historical war film starring Harrison Ford & Liam Neeson that was filmed partly in Winnipeg and Gimli.

The Italian Job.

2003 action movie starring Jason Statham that was filmed partly in Winnipeg.

Shall We Dance.

2004 blockbuster comedy-drama starring Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, and Susan Sarandon.

Fun fact: Kevin worked downtown at the time and recalls seeing the film sets, lighting and trailers all over the Exchange District. He also saw the stars outside of a dance studio on Main Street. This film seemed to kick-off the love of big budget film-making in Winnipeg.

Zeyda And The Hitman

2004 crime comedy starring Danny Aiello and Judd Hirsch. It was filmed in Winnipeg and co-produced by Winnipeg’s Frantic Films.


2005 Academy Award winning biography of Truman Capote starring Philip Seymour Hoffman.

The Big White.

2005 dark comedy starring Robin Williams, Woody Harrelson & Holly Hunter, shot mostly in the Yukon Territory, but with a production office and some film sets in Winnipeg.

The Assassination Of The Outlaw Jessie James by the Coward Robert Ford.

2006 western starring Brad Pitt that was filmed in rural Manitoba as well as in the Exchange District in Winnipeg, which was transformed back in time complete with dirt roads.

The Lookout.

2007 crime drama starring Jeff Daniels and Joseph Gordon Levitt using locations in Western Manitoba.

Blue State.

2007 romantic comedy starring Anna Paquin.

Fun Fact: Anna Paquin, who also executive produced this film, was born and raised for half of her childhood in Winnipeg.

The Stone Angel.

2007 drama starring Ellen Burstyn and Elliot Page.

Fun fact: This movie is based on a novel by famous Manitoba-born author Margaret Lawrence.

The Lazarus Project.

2008 thriller starring Paul Walker filmed at Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg and various locations in Brandon & Stonewall.


2009 psychological thriller starring Dennis Quaid and shot in Winnipeg.

Haunting in Connecticut.

2009 horror filmed in Winnipeg and Teulon.

New In Town.

2009 romantic comedy film shot in Selkirk starring Harry Connick, Jr and Renee Zellweger.

Fun fact – Harry Connick, Jr. is Kevin’s all-time favourite musician.

Wild Cherry.

2009 teen comedy starring Tia Carrere and Rob Schneider that was largely filmed at Tech Voc High School in Winnipeg.


2009 crime thriller starring Kate Beckinsale that was filmed in Winnipeg and on the shore of Lake Winnipeg.

Fun fact: Manitoba was a stand-in for Antarctica (brrrr…).


2011 comedy about professional hockey enforcers starring Seann William Scott (Stiffler from American Pie) and Liev Schreiber (Cotton Weary from Scream).

Fun fact: Kevin was offered a speaking role as a bouncer at a bar, but could not accept the role due to work schedule conflicts.

Silent Night.

2012 Christmas horror movie shot in Selkirk.

Heaven Is For Real.

2014 religious drama filmed in Winnipeg and Beausejour starring Greg Kinnear.

Reasonable Doubt.

2014 crime drama/thriller starring Samuel L. Jackson.

Fun fact: Kevin took a flight from Winnipeg to Denver with Samuel L. Jackson around this time.

Hyena Road.

2015 war movie written and directed by Paul Gross.


2016 romantic comedy starring Jay Baruchel.

A Dog’s Purpose.

2017 drama starring Dennis Quaid and filmed in Winnipeg.

Fun fact: Tina hung out with Dennis Quaid for 20 minutes before he performed with his guitar onstage at a Mardi Gras event at the Winnipeg Convention Centre.

Cult of Chucky.

2017 sequel to the Child’s Play franchise filmed in Winnipeg and starring Jennifer Tilly.

Fun fact: 4 years earlier, another film in this franchise called Curse of Chucky was also filmed in Winnipeg. 


2018 crime thriller starring Keanu Reeves filmed at locations in Winnipeg, Cooks Creek, and Marquette.

Night Hunter.

2018 crime drama starring Henry Cavill and filmed in Winnipeg.

How It Ends.

2018 Netflix action thriller filmed in Winnipeg starring Forest Whitaker.


2018 drama starring Christopher Walken and Christina Ricci.

I Still See You.

2018 suspense movie starring Bella Thorne and Dermot Mulroney that was filmed in Winnipeg.


2019 religious supernatural drama that was based on a true story, was filmed in Winnipeg, and starred Chrissy Metz and Topher Grace.


2019 psychological thriller starring Sam Worthington filmed in Winnipeg and Selkirk.

Cold Pursuit.

2019 crime action movie starring Liam Neeson with parts filmed in and around Winnipeg and Gimli.


2020 psychological thriller on Netflix starring Canadian actress Sarah Paulson and filmed in Winnipeg and Selkirk.

The Craft: Legacy.

2020 supernatural teen flick starring Michelle Monaghan and David Duchovny that was filmed in Winnipeg.

The Grudge.

2020 horror sequel that was filmed in Winnipeg and was directed by John Cho.

Jessie’s Boy.

2020 horror film shot in Winnipeg and Stonewall starring Michelle Monaghan and Skeet Ulrich.


2020 Canadian musical set during the 1919 general strike in Winnipeg.

Fun fact: The original musical production and related music was written by Winnipegger Danny Schur.


Violent 2021 action movie starring Bob Odenkirk and a surprise hit that was released during the pandemic and filmed at locations in Winnipeg, including the nightclub 441 Main.

Ice Road.

2021 crime action movie starring Liam Neeson and Lawrence Fishburne with filming locations in Winnipeg, Ile-des-Chenes, & Gimli.

Fun fact: If you are counting, this is Liam Neeson’s third movie filmed near Gimli. Apparently, he loves the place just like we do.

Flag Day.

2021 drama that recently wrapped shooting in Winnipeg and stars Sean Penn and Josh Brolin.


Since October 2021, several movies and TV shows filmed in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba, including a big budget sci fi movie called Dark Harvest directed by David Slade (of Twilight fame), a drama-comedy starring Woody Harrelson and directed by Bobby Farrelly called Champions, a CBC TV show called The Porter, the crime re-enactment show Heartland Homicides, the teen horror movie Bring It On: Cheer or Die, and an action movie called Unspoken. Kevin was an extra in all of these productions except Bring It On.

2022 productions for TV, streaming and theatres that were filmed in Manitoba include:

  • A Brush With Christmas (a Hallmark Movie),
  • A Christmas Disconnect (a Hallmark Movie),
  • A Tangled Web (directed by Manitoban Danishka Esterhazy),
  • Acting Good (written by & starring Manitoban comedian Paul Rabliauskas and set in Northern Manitoba),
  • Almost Unsolved,
  • Alter Boys,
  • Christmas Cookie Catastrophe (a Hallmark Movie),
  • El Toro (a French-language TV series for CBC),
  • Elevator Game,
  • Escaping Captivity: The Kara Robinson Story,
  • Finally Caught,
  • Hannukah On Rye (a Hallmark movie),
  • Heartland Mysteries (a Hallmark movie),
  • Little Bird,
  • Love By Design (a Hallmark movie),
  • Made For Each Other (a Hallmark movie),
  • Ordinary Angels,
  • Perfect Harmony (a Hallmark movie),
  • Pumpkin Everything (a Hallmark movie),
  • Safe Haven,
  • Skymed,
  • Spencer Sisters (a TV series starring Lea Thompson),
  • Sunshine Slayings,
  • Violent Night (starring David Harbour and John Leguizamo), and
  • Winner.

We hope you can now watch (or re-watch) these film and TV productions from a different perspective.

Even if you aren’t from Manitoba, you have probably seen some of these movies and you might even be able to have a side-hustle as a background performer in your hometown.

Winnipeg also has several talented writers and film-makers that you can read about in this article about famous people who were born or raised in Winnipeg.


If we missed any great movies or TV shows that were filmed in Manitoba or if you have acted in any of these productions, please let us know in the comments below. Or feel free to let us know if you have ever met a celebrity or actor in Winnipeg.


Happy Watching (or Happy Acting),

Kevin & Tina

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    • Kevin Strong

      Good observation. Winnipeg and Manitoba must have the right look to stand in for Alaska, Antarctica, and many places in the central United States for these movies and TV shows that were filmed in Manitoba.

    • Edith Strocen

      There was an early Russell Crowe movie, filmed in Virden, Silo and Grand Beach, circa 1995? It was a World War II movie. We watched the filming of the Grand Beach segment from the beach itself. It was often shown around Remembrance Day but I can’t recall the title.

      • Kevin Strong

        I just looked it up and it was called For the Moment (1993). Not only was it shot in Manitoba, but the actual story was about pilots training in Manitoba. I added it to the list.

  • Bob

    Hi, I didn’t see any reference to Running with the Hitmam on DVD starring Judd Hirsch, G.R. Belliws, Danny Aiello and Mercedes Ruehl. Filmed in Winnipeg with lots of recognizable buildings. It was also released under the title Zeyda and the hitman.

  • Doug Petersen

    Great article, yes the ‘Biz’ is booming in Winnipeg right now with eight shows currently in production. I’ve worked on many of the shows listed and each one was a new experience and that is what I love about the industry is that every show is different, even though it is the same trade there are always new challenges.

    • Kevin Strong

      It sounds like you have an impressive acting resume. But, it also sounds like you do it for fun and new experiences, like Kevin. He has met a lot of fascinating and friendly people on set during the filming of television programs and movies in Winnipeg.

      Winnipeg is on fire for TV and film production right now. It’s the best time ever to start acting as a background performer.

  • Tammy Tervoort

    A few others that you missed…lol
    “For Keeps?” with Molly Ringwald, filmed in Winnipeg
    “Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure” (yes, from the dog movies), filmed in Winnipeg and Stonewall
    “Percy” with Christopher Walken, filmed on farm outside of Stonewall
    “The Challengers”, filmed in Stonewall
    “Clear Lake” with Roddy Piper, filmed by Gimli
    “I Propose We Never See Each Other Again After Tonight”, filmed in Winnipeg
    “Always and Forever Christmas”, filmed in Winnipeg, Selkirk, Stonewall
    “Lucky Christmas” with Elizabeth Berkley, filmed in Stonewall
    “A Christmas in Tennessee”, filmed in Winnipeg and Stonewall
    “Radio Christmas”, filmed in Winnipeg and Stonewall

    • Kevin Strong

      This is a great list of other big budget productions. Thanks for sharing. Lots of Hallmark Christmas movies were filmed in Manitoba for sure.

    • Kevin Strong

      I remember that movie. It was good. I also remember hearing about Robin Williams being in Winnipeg filming a movie around that time.

  • Sheila

    I was hooked after spending 5 days on the set of Sudden Death Two with Michael Jai White filmed here in Winnipeg.
    Just wrapped up with the cast and crew of The Sun and His Daughter. Actually had a small character part in the film. It was filmed in many part of Manitoba.
    Its fun and exciting! The “hurry up and wait” has sharpened my scrabble and card game skills as well as meeting new people and making new friends ! What a great retirement, never thought I’d be in the movies!

    • Kevin Strong

      You are so right. Being an extra (background performer) in movies being shot in Manitoba is a great way to spend some time after you retire. It keeps you busy, keeps life interesting and lets you meet new people almost daily. Thanks for sharing.
      Kevin was only on set for The Sun and His Daughter for one day out between Beausejour & Grand Beach. I hope it is a good movie.
      We didn’t know about sudden death 2 filming here. I have seen film crew members wearing shirts that said Sudden Death on them and that explains it.

    • Kevin Strong

      We totally agree. Being a background performer is a fun and low-stress way to make some extra cash. Retired people have more time on their hands and can take advantage of these opportunities.

  • Colin and Mitch - Very Tasty World

    We love movies, and do have a very soft spot for Canadian cinema (we’re big fans of Guy Maddin, who is from Winnipeg), but we didn’t realise quite how many films had been made in Manitoba. Thank you for this comprehensive list. Being an extra sounds like loads of fun!

    • Kevin Strong

      Yes, Guy Madden has a unique black and white retro film style. Kevin never worked as an extra in a Guy Maddin film, but would love to.

      Many movies continue to be shot in Winnipeg and Kevin hopes to do more background work.

  • Stepen & Andie

    This is right up our alley. Until the end of 2020, we lived in L.A. for decades (Stephen, for 30 years as a professional drumm, and Andie for 20, as a professional photographer & photo editor). While not “actors,” we’re both entertainment industry vets, having been on plenty of sets in our respective careers. We’ve each even been extras in a couple of things along the way. And yeah, the money’s not much, but Craft Services definitely makes the long days of hurry-up-and-wait much more enjoyable. Nice to see the Hollywood Sign in your post, too. If you visit L.A., you should hike up to it. The views from up there are remarkable & it’s cool to see the sign up close. That’s quite the list of shows & movies filmed there, and really cool sotry about Tina hanging with Dennis Quaid. 😊

    • Kevin Strong

      Wow, it is very cool that you were both in the entertainment industry in LA.

      We did not know you could hike up to get close to the Hollywood sign. We might try it next time we are there.

      We love to read about the celebrities that are in Winnipeg filming movies and TV shows, but it was great to do more than just meet Dennis Quaid.

  • barry

    Being an extra sounds like real fun. It’s something I’ve never thought about and the pay is actually not bad – I’d do it – maybe have my 5 minutes of fame!, All the downtime sounds good as I could vatch up on stuff while waiting.
    There is obviously a big movie/TV scene in Manitoba that I knew nothing about!

    • Kevin Strong

      You can keep up with your social media empire while you wait to go on set as a background (extra) performer for sure. Kevin does it with the hope of seeing himself on the big screen in a movie filmed in Winnipeg or Manitoba.

    • Kevin Strong

      Many people don’t realize how many “Hollywood” films aren’t filmed in Hollywood or even California anymore. Many films and television shows are shot in Winnipeg due to filming locations, talent and tax incentives.

    • Kevin Strong

      Manitoba is still going strong with many big productions around town. We probably get as much film production as we can handle recently.

  • JoJo Hall

    I didn’t know that about you guys, that’s so cool! And from all the awesome things I’ve read about Manitoba, it’s no wonder why they shot so many things here.

    • Kevin Strong

      We like to mix it up and being a background actor is pretty fun (especially if you see yourself in the finished product). There are great locations in Manitoba that stand in for many US cities, so many TV shows and movies are filmed in Manitoba

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