Published Poem about adventure gone wrong “Thrill Ride”

Thrill Ride *

The thrill of a lifetime

Go for it!

Catapult launch
Moment of zero-g, then negative-g at the summit
First drop
Thrown forward as gravity takes over
Look down the track as the ground rapidly approaches
Hold your head back as the g-force intensifies
Double Loop-de-loop
Throw your hands up in the air
Barrel roll
Thrown sideways from lateral-g’s
Elevated curve
Banked turn
Camel back speed run
Exit the ride

A big adrenaline rush

Not satisfied
Thirsty for more thrills
Bigger, Stronger, Faster, Harder

Log flume
Space shot drop tower
Pendulum ride
Alpine coaster
Extreme swing ride
Sling shot reverse bungee
Sky coaster
Zip line

Pure exhilaration

Step it up, bro
Higher, More Extreme

Ride your motorcycle from Chicago to Los Angeles on Route 66 without a helmet
Drag race on the Autobahn through hairpin turns
Ride the Class 5 raging river rapids on a raft through the Grand Canyon
Bungee jump from a derelict bridge in Mexico
Freedive to a depth of 100 meters off the coast of Greece
Tandem parachute jump through the clouds and in the rain
Run the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race in frozen Alaska
Hang glide and paraglide high above Rio De Janeiro

You’re invincible

An adrenaline junkie
“Danger” is your middle name
Wilder, Crazier, More Unique

Surfing the big one on the deadly Banzai Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu
Cliff diving into the strong winds and shallow water of Acapulco
Base jumping off world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls in Venezuela
Leaping from a helicopter in a wingsuit and flying through Tianmen Cave
Rock climbing without a harness up the treacherous Trango Towers in Pakistan
Off-trail heli-skiing in a remote avalanche zone in British Columbia’s Rocky Mountains
Speed-climbing Mount Everest without oxygen or a Sherpa

Each one better than the last

Live every day like it is your last
Living the fast life

Smoking and binge drinking in Cancun until blacking out
Designer drugs from an unknown lab at a trendy club in Los Angeles
Unprotected casual sex in your apartment with strangers from Craigslist


Pushing your limits
Living life to the fullest

Laughing at death
Tempting fate
Secretly wishing to die

Kevin Strong

* First published by Kind of a Hurricane Press (Life is a Roller Coaster Anthology) in September 2014


Happy Travels,


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