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Published Poem about going to DisneyWorld in Orlando “Happiest Place on Earth”

Happiest Place on Earth *

Coughing and hacking
Planning and packing
Popped ears and page-marking
Drive miles and miles for parking
Visit the mouse with big round black ears
Take a deep breath and face your fears
Waiting in a very, very long line
Just paying the happiness fine

Small world it is, after all
Having a ball in free fall
Laughing and flip-flopping
Spinning and dropping
Voice rough from all the screaming
It almost feels like you are dreaming
What? Wait in a longer line?
The pleasure is all mine

Ascend the mountain in space
Cool sports cars to race
Thunder and Splash Mountain
Drink from a dirty fountain
Eat ice cones and cotton candy
A little rest would be just dandy
Waiting in line to join a line
Meet the mouse and worship at the shrine

Pay for everything through the nose
Grab the camera and strike a pose
Something to bring to show and tell
Try to take in each sight and smell
The whole clan together for a change
The best time money could arrange
Great family time is waiting in line
No thanks to those tips we got online

The party is over, so no one cheers
We say our farewells through hugs and tears
Why come all the way here for us all to bond?
The fairy godmother waved her magic wand
Her magical memories – some toys and a shirt
Empty pockets, a tan, and back to work
Back at home there are no lines
That is where our true love shines

Kevin Strong


* First published by The Taylor Trust in 2009

Happy Travels,


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    • Kevin Strong

      Glad you liked it this poem about Disneyworld. Disney theme parks are a dream and a bit of a nightmare in some ways (especially if you hate lineups). During the pandemic families have been forced to find other ways to bond and have fun, which is a silver lining to this dark cloud.

    • Kevin Strong

      It’s a great vacation, but the Disneyworld poem is meant to say that it can’t replace other ways to show your love as a family and its not a magic pill.

    • Kevin Strong

      We also love Disney theme parks like Disneyland and Disneyworld, we just don’t like lines (as this Disney poem makes clear).
      We haven’t been to any outside of the United States.
      Now that our kids are grown, we probably won’t go to the ones in Europe or Asia when we travel there.

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