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7 Best Books About Best Places to Retire and Retiring Abroad

7 Best Books About Best Places to Retire and Retiring Abroad:

  1. How to Retire Happier (Ron Stack 2014). Mr. Stack is an American author, blogger, coach and Licensed Florida Real Estate Broker.
  2. How to Retire Overseas: Everything you need to know to live well (for less) abroad (Kathleen Peddicord 2011 and re-published in 2018). Kathleen Peddicord is from the USA, but lived long-term in Ireland and Paris. She is the owner of Live and Invest Overseas Group and was previously a partner with International Living Group.
  3. Retirement Without Borders: How to retire abroad – in Mexico, France, Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Panama and other sunny places (Barry Golson 2008). Mr. Golson is an American who has lived in many countries.
  4. Take the Retirement Road Less Traveled: Could Expatriate Living and Retiring Abroad Be In Your Future? (Dr. E. Lamar Ross 2012). Dr. Ross is an American who trains people on expatriate living.
  5. The Happy Expat: Your Guide to Joyfully Retiring Abroad (Ann Hoffman 2015). Ann Hoffman is an American that has lived in Mexico for 5 years and owns
  6. Retire in Style: 60 Outstanding Places Across the USA and Canada (Warren R. Bland 2005). This book is 15 years old and is probably a bit outdated, but still has good information and we like the format.
  7. The ABA consumer guide to retiring aboard: Legal, Financial and Tax Issues and Solutions (George Hayduk 2017). This is a guide written for Americans by the American Bar Association.

We hope to add ours to this list soon.

Please comment if I have missed any excellent books on this topic.


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