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Published Poem About A Summer Evening Sitting By A Creek “Peguis Creek At Sunset”

The Peguis Creek at Sunset *

I am sitting by the creek at sunset
Soaking in its magnitude and solitude
There is a peace here that is utterly relaxing
A spiritual calm that envelops me

Lining this narrow country stream on both sides are a potpourri of plants
A carpet of beige drooping weeds
Clusters of chocolate and mustard bushes
Towering above all are the glorious trees
Painted lovingly in golden brown, crimson red, and forest green
A fallen tree drinks directly from the creek

The gentle breeze causes the leaves to make a rustling sound
Like a soft, romantic whisper in my ear
I also hear children laughing somewhere to my right
And crickets chirping somewhere in the grass below

I smell a slight hint of pollen and smoke
But the air is clean and refreshing

The sun pokes through the branches and warms me slightly
For it is Autumn
Late September of an Indian Summer
The weather is perfect
A near clear sky, but not too sunny
Warm, but with an offsetting cooling wind
The large dropping sun creates tall evening shadows
On the gravel road and un-manicured grass
And makes the dark, slow-flowing water
Seem illuminated from beneath in certain spots

A stray dog trots past me paying me no notice
Very few birds remain to keep me company
And cheer me from the trees with their lovely songs
Even the friendly mosquitoes are not coming to me
For their dinner tonight
High up above, the geese and ducks fly
in their v-shaped flocks heading south
A goose from somewhere in the left flank
Replaces the tired lead goose at the nose of the “v”

The sky itself is a kaleidoscope of colours
Deep blue overhead
Blending to baby blue
Fading to aqua marine and teal
Which overlaps a pink: with an orange and yellow glow
Finally melting into purple along the horizon
A pale sliver of the grey moon is visible to the left
A jet soars far in the distance painting a streak of white smoke
To blend in with the thin, sparse clouds
The clouds are more condensed and thick on the horizon
Where the sun is setting
Covering the sleepy sun with a fluffy blanket

A motorbike zooms by on the other side of the creek
Kicking up a trail of dust that lingers for a while

I wish I could freeze this moment in time
And stay in this place forever
It is so picturesque and beautiful
The surroundings are so soothing and calming
That I forget all of my worries
Daily minutia and stress melt away


The clouds slowly fade, dissipate, and disappear
The sky becomes ever darker
A new chill in the wind begins to nip at me
Night is upon me

Kevin Strong

* First published by The Taylor Trust in 2009

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