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Winnipeg Birthday Freebies (Where To Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday in Winnipeg)

Winnipeg Birthday Freebies –

Where To Get Free Stuff On Your Birthday in Winnipeg

Many businesses in Winnipeg offer free items to loyal customers on their birthday.

Some places only give the free birthday stuff on your actual birthday with ID (highlighted in bold text below), while others send you a coupon that can be used during the next few weeks.

Please support these generous businesses by purchasing other items in addition to your free item.

Free Food & Beverages On Your Birthday

  • Baskin Robbins (free BOGO coupon or ice cream cake discount if member of the birthday club)
  • Chop (if you go on your actual birthday, they give a free dessert & voucher for free steak bites on your next visit)
  • Cora: Breakfast and Lunch ($5 off coupon if a member of their newsletter/club)
  • Dairy Queen (2 for 1 blizzard & discount on ice cream cake for Fan Club members)
  • Denny’s (free grand slam breakfast on your actual birthday with ID)
  • Famous Dave’s BBQ (join e-mail club for buy one – get one 50% off coupon)
  • Godiva (free chocolate if you join their online club)
  • Good Earth Coffeehouse (free pastry if a member using the mobile app)
  • Harvey’s (free original burger if member of e-mail list or if signed up for the app)
  • IHOP (free pancakes if you join their Pancake Revolution Club)
  • Joey’s Only Seafood Restaurant (% discount equal to your age if signed up for e-newsletter)
  • Marble Slab Creamery (2 for 1 or discount on ice cream cake if you sign up for e-mail newsletter)
  • Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt (free birthday reward if you are part of their MySmileage program)
  • Mr. Mikes (birthday promotion if you join Mr. Mikes Rewards online)
  • New York Fries (free fries if you are a member of the Fry Society & have loaded money in your account)
  • Orange Julius ($2 off or 2 for 1 coupon if you join the newsletter/club)
  • Starbucks (free coffee of choice on your actual birthday with registered & active Starbucks card used in the past 30 days)
  • Swiss Chalet (free birthday coupon if you sign up for Rotisserie Mail)
  • Ye’s Buffet (50% off a buffet on your actual birthday with ID)
  • Many restaurants give you a free dessert on your birthday just by mentioning it is your birthday. Our family has received free dessert at the following restaurants over the years:
    • Applebee’s,
    • Boston Pizza,
    • Earls,
    • IHOP,
    • Kelsey’s,
    • The Keg (yummy Billy Minor Pie),
    • Montana’s,
    • Moxies,
    • Olive Garden,
    • Pizza Hut,
    • Santa Lucia,
    • Smitty’s,
    • Swiss Chalet,
    • Tony Roma’s, &
    • Wild Wing.

Free Products On Your Birthday

  • Aveda (free birthday gift if you sign up for an account on their website)
  • Body Shop (free love your body membership or $10 coupon if already a member)
  • London Drugs ($5 free gift card for members of LD Extras club)
  • Sephora (free lotion or body wash if registered for reward card)

Free Activities On Your Birthday


Please comment below if any of the information above is outdated or if we have missed any nice birthday rewards or discounts above.

If you are a business-owner, feel free to comment below with your birthday promotions or tell us how the birthday promotions are helping your business.


* Author note: This list was compiled before the pandemic shut-down. We have not verified which of these Winnipeg birthday promotions are still applicable. Some of these birthday freebies may have been temporarily or permanently discontinued, so please call the business to confirm before you go.


Happy Travels (& Happy Birthday),

Kevin & Tina

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    • Kevin Strong

      Thanks, I phoned Mongo’s to confirm and then removed them from the list. They used to have a free deluxe meal with soup and salad a few years ago with ID. I guess it was too good to last, especially with the capacity limits of the past year.

  • Matthew H Stevenson

    Two more to add: both Booster Juice and Mary Brown’s Chicken have b’day freebies. In both cases you must register on their website. Then they will e-mail you a coupon. Mary Brown’s is for a Big Mary sandwich, good for a week. Booster Juice sends you a coupon for a large smoothie which you have 6 months to use.

    • Kevin Strong

      Thanks for the suggestions. I hope to get many more from people.

      My list of Winnipeg Birthday Freebies was almost twice as long in 2018. I had to remove many of them because they stopped offering their birthday promotion (many of them long before the pandemic hit).

      Booster Juice was on my list and it was a nice birthday treat for several years, but I received e-mail from them at the end of 2018 saying that anyone who signed up after then would not get a birthday freebie and the ones who were already subscribed would only get one more birthday freebie in 2019. I did not get a coupon from them in 2020.

      I am also signed up for Mary Brown and I didn’t get anything from them in 2020. It could be temporary due to the pandemic, but I saw a post on a Winnipeg money-saving Facebook group where someone told me they stopped doing it, so I took it off the list.

  • Renata

    I don’t think dairy Queen does the birthday blizzard anymore…. I didn’t see that email come in for me last week and I’m subscribed to their newsletter

    • Kevin Strong

      Thanks, Renata. I got a BOGO Blizzard & cake coupon last September when it was my birthday, but something might have changed since then.
      Also, they have regularly amazing coupons on their app.

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