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Published Poem “Christmas at Home”

Christmas at Home *

It’s Christmas time – a magical time
On Santa’s knee the children climb
To tell St. Nick their gift wish list
But Mom eavesdrops to get the gist
While the temperature outside is dropping
Dad is busy doing the Christmas shopping
Mom is in an apron.  Just smell her baking
The kids guess the presents just by shaking
Is it baby dolls, video games, or trains?
Mom hands out some candy canes

Grandma pours a glass of spiked egg-nog
Grandpa pokes the fire and adds another log
Grown-ups kiss under the mistletoe
While kids build snowmen in the snow
On the door hangs a pretty green wreath
The Christmas tree has presents underneath,
a special star on top, and shiny decorations
Tired children have great expectations
While they drift to sleep they hear jingle bells
Cozy and content with the thought that all is well

Kevin Strong
* First published by The Taylor Trust in 2009

** Kevin would like to turn this into an illustrated children’s book, so if you know any artists or illustrators that might be interested, please let us know. 


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