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Things To Do In Winnipeg, Manitoba (A Love Letter To Our Hometown)

Why We Love Winnipeg &

Why You Should Visit Winnipeg

aka. Things to do in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

A Love Letter To Our Hometown


Winnipeg has a population just shy of 800,000 and is, by far, Manitoba’s largest city.  It is also Manitoba’s capital city.

Winnipeg is located near the geographical centre of Canada and North America about a 4-hour drive north of Fargo, North Dakota.

Winnipeg means “muddy waters” in Cree.

You may have heard of Winnipeg if you watch National Hockey League sports highlights because of the Winnipeg Jets or you may have heard Winnipeg referenced as some remote place in a movie or TV show.

Some pretty famous and important people were born or partly-raised in Winnipeg, including Terry Fox, Louis Riel, Adam Beach, Anna Paquin, Neil Young, Burton Cummings, and Jonathan Toews. To learn more about noteworthy people with connections to Winnipeg, please click here.

We are lucky to live in Winnipeg. We grew up in Winnipeg, dated in Winnipeg, worked and lived in Winnipeg our entire lives, and raised two children in Winnipeg, so we know a little bit about how amazing Winnipeg is and what it has to offer visitors and residents who want a “staycation”.

We are working on a book about becoming a snowbird and even possibly retiring abroad, but we love Winnipeg and know we will spend most of our time in Winnipeg for the rest of our lives. We’ll always come home.

This article is our love letter to Winnipeg.

Witch’s Hut at Kildonan Park

Myths About Winnipeg

When Kevin used to travel for business, people from other places in Canada and the USA would tell him that they drove through Winnipeg on the Trans-Canada Highway or flew over Winnipeg many times, but they never visited Winnipeg because there was no reason to come here.

Out-of-towners would joke that all they know about Winnipeg is that:

  1. it is the murder capital of Canada (unfortunately, this is actually true many years on a per-capita basis),
  2. It is the mosquito capital of Canada (its really no worse than any other place in Canada at our latitude that is not near the ocean),
  3. It is the 7-11 Slurpee capital of Canada (true, but even more impressively we have been the Slurpee capital of the world for 20 years in a row), and
  4. It is the coldest major city in Canada (we hate being called “Winterpeg” even though this is true. Our average January high temperature is around -11 degrees Celsius, which is just a bit colder than Edmonton, Saskatoon and Quebec City).
Folklorama Ukrainian Pavilion Dancers

Truths About Winnipeg

What we want people to know about Winnipeg is that:

  1. It has all of the amenities, culture, and entertainment options found in a big city, but maintains a small-town feel,
  2. Its cost of living (especially housing, which is lower than any major Canadian city except Quebec city) is one of the lowest in Canada, so its residents can afford to save more for retirement, travel, and a cottage,
  3. It is a multicultural paradise that should be a model for the world (Winnipeg has a large number of immigrants who can maintain their cultural identity and even celebrate it during the world’s largest and longest-running annual multicultural festival called Folklorama),
  4. Its residents are so friendly and helpful that our license plates say “Friendly Manitoba”, and
  5. It has amazing hot and sunny weather in the Summer (of major Canadian cities, only Calgary & Edmonton have more sunshine).
  6. Winnipeg has recently received international travel recognition, including:
Festival du Voyageur Ice Sculpture

Things To Do in Winnipeg

Occasionally, business contacts from other cities would tell Kevin that they were coming to Winnipeg for business and wanted suggestions of what to do if they had an extra evening or day here. He would tell them to go to the Forks, Corydon Avenue, and Assiniboine Park.

However, there is so much more to do in Winnipeg. There is something for every taste as you will see below.

The Forks

The Forks is Winnipeg’s most popular attraction with over 4 million visitors a year.  The Forks is located where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet, where indigenous people and settlers have traded for years.

Two old warehouses have been converted to bustling markets where most stores and restaurants are local.

The Forks Market building has a gift shop with many Manitoba-made products, a bakery, a candy store, and a liquor store. The Food Hall has several unique restaurants and a beer and wine vendor. Our favourite restaurant there is Taste of Sri Lanka that has spicy and flavourful dishes like curry eggplant and deviled chicken.

The Forks Market Tower offers lovely panoramic views.

Johnson Terminal has a huge antique market in the basement, gift shops, a small art gallery, and a large local toy store.

Indigenous culture and art is evident at an interesting aboriginal art & craft store called Teekca’s and Oodena Celebration Circle, which is a natural shallow amphitheatre that honours the 6,000 years of Aboriginal peoples in the area.

The Forks has a great boutique hotel called Inn At The Forks on site with an amazing spa.

In the Summer, people flock to The Forks for concerts at the outdoor CN Stage, festivals, buskers, and walks along the riverwalk.

Families with kids can take a water taxi, play in the Parks Canada Playground, see a play at the Manitoba Theatre for Young People, or go to the Manitoba Children’s Museum.

In Summer, you can also eat at Mon Ami Louis, a French restaurant in the middle of the Esplanade Riel.

In the Winter, skate on the world’s longest skating surface along the rivers dotted with fantastic warming huts or a lovely ice skating rink under a canopy with music.

For more information about things to do at The Forks, please click here.

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a national museum located adjacent to The Forks. Its mandate is to “explore the subject of human rights with a special but not exclusive reference to Canada, to enhance the public’s understanding of human rights, to promote respect for others and to encourage reflection and dialogue.”

The Museum cost $350 million and is the only national museum outside of the Ottawa area. The design is an innovative structure of curving lines and bold geometry.

Visitors climb up 1 kilometer of alabaster ramps symbolizing the climb from darkness to light with exhibits on each level and ending at the Israel Asper Tower of Hope overlooking Winnipeg.

Be sure to bring comfortable shoes and be prepared to cry if you go.

The CMHR is a big reason to book a trip to Winnipeg.

Assiniboine Park

Assiniboine Park, the 11th largest urban park in Canada, has endless tree-lined trails along the river for hiking or biking and large fields for playing football, soccer, ultimate Frisbee or even cricket.

On some Summer evenings, you can watch a movie in the park or a free concert or ballet performance on the Lyric Stage.

The Assiniboine Park Zoo has over 200 species of animals over 80 acres.

The Zoo has a new exhibit called “Journey to Churchill” with Polar Bears and other animals native to Northern Manitoba. You can even go below the water and watch the Polar Bears swim above you.

One of my favourite places to decompress is English Garden at Assiniboine Park, which has many walking paths winding through beautiful flower gardens and large trees.  It is between the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden and the Duck Pond.

The Pavilion looks like a Bavarian chalet and contains the largest collections of works by renowned Manitoba artists including Ivan Eyre. It also houses a historical exhibit about Winnie-the-Pooh, a small bear that was brought to England by a Winnipeg veterinarian during the First World War.

The park has a large, unique Nature Playground plus a miniature steam train, and in Winter it has a hill for toboggan slides and the Duck Pond turns into an ice skating rink.

If you cross the footbridge over the Assiniboine River, you can buy ice cream at Sargent Sundae.

For more information about Assiniboine Park, please click here.

Nonsuch gallery at Manitoba Museum

Manitoba Museum

Winnipeg’s largest museum, The Manitoba Museum, has attractions for young and old. Kids can play, explore, experiment and learn in the Science Gallery and relax while looking up at the stars in the Planetarium.

There are exhibits about Earth history, the Arctic region, Boreal Forests, Parklands, Grasslands, and Winnipeg’s 1920’s urban history.

The most famous and popular exhibit is the Nonsuch, where you can board and explore a working replica of a ship that helped launch the Hudson’s Bay Company.

Royal Canadian Mint

Royal Canadian Mint

One of only two Royal Canadian Mint facilities is in Winnipeg, where every single Canadian circulation coin is produced — literally billions each year.

The glass, sail-shaped building itself is like a work of art.

You can go on a free self-guided tour or pay $8 for a guided tour to learn how the coins are made and buy collectible coins for your collection from their gift shop.

Unfortunately, they don’t have free samples and security is very tight.

Cube Stage at Old Market Square in the Exchange District

The Exchange District

The Exchange District, near City Hall and the famous windy intersection of Portage Avenue and Main Street in downtown Winnipeg, has many wonderful and unique places for shopping, entertainment, food, and beverages.

The Exchange District is a national historic site featuring 150 protected heritage buildings built around 1900, so several Hollywood movies have used The Exchange as a movie set.

A focal point of the Exchange District is Old Market Square, where many summer festivals and concerts are held and which has a cool-looking stage called “The Cube”. Please click here for an article about the biggest and best festivals and events in Winnipeg.

The Exchange District is a hub for the Winnipeg arts community.

Some unique cafes are in the Exchange, including Across the Board Game Cafe and Forth.

For a meal in the Exchange, we suggest you try the Mussels and Charcuterie Board at Peasant Cookery or some of the Dutch-inspired gourmet food options at Amsterdam Tea Room.

For additional information about the Exchange District, please click here.

Little Italy

Corydon Avenue is called Little Italy because it used to be home to countless Italian clubs, restaurants, cafes, clothing stores, and gelato shops.

Corydon has many popular restaurants and coffee shops, including Bar Italia, which is a cafe and restaurant as well as a night club at night that has a large patio. You should also consider Cafe 22, Colosseo, Santa Lucia Pizza, Tommy’s Pizzeria, and Tre Visi.

For dessert, you really should try some delicious homemade gelato and sorbetto at Eva’s Gelato, G. G. Gelati, or Nucci’s Gelati. Tina’s favourite flavour is Limone and Kevin’s favourites are Pistachio and Tartuffe (chocolate hazelnut).

A relatively new dessert cafe and bakery in the area is called Cocoabeans, which has delicious gluten-free baked goods.

One of the best places for socializing and meeting people in Winnipeg is Teo’s, which is a contemporary, “upscale-casual” cocktail lounge, featuring a popular outdoor patio.

However, many of the Italian businesses have closed over the years and have been replaced with a multitude of great non-Italian stores and restaurants.

Corydon is still the best place for Winnipeg people-watching from a patio in the Summer. The biggest patio on Corydon is at a Greek restaurant called Saffron’s.

Aerial shot of Osborne St and River Ave By Wpg_guy from Wikimedia Commons

Osborne Village

Osborne Street, also called Osborne Village close to the Assiniboine River, is a neighborhood that many bohemian people call home. It is a great neighborhood for walking around and discovering places for shopping, dining, dessert, coffee, cocktails, and entertainment.

There are many types of cuisine offered at restaurants on this strip, including Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Ethiopian, English, Mexican, and American. If you like healthier foods, you can try a popular local restaurant called Stella’s on Osborne.

For dessert in The Village, we enjoy getting a crepe at Kawaii Crepe. A perfect place for a cake or torte is Baked Expectations.

Nightlife is exciting in Osborne Village, including Upstairs in the Village Lounge and Night Club, Die Maschine Cabaret, and The Toad in the Hole Pub.

St. Boniface Cathedral

The French Quarter

Winnipeg has 50,000 francophones, making it the largest francophone community in Western Canada. St. Boniface is also known as The French Quarter, where you will find several stores, restaurants and cafes selling unique French and French-Canadian items and tasty treats.

St. Boniface is home to the Centre Culturel Franco-Manitobain and Le Musée de Saint-Boniface Museum, a museum dedicated to Franco-Manitoban culture and history.

If you are in Winnipeg in February, you could bundle up and enjoy Western Canada’s largest Winter festival called Festival du Voyageur. Festival grounds are in and around Fort Gibraltar, a reproduction of a fur-trading post from the 1800s built by the North West Company.

The festival brings amazing snow sculptures, ice climbing, an outdoor “snow bar” where almost everything is made of ice, snowshoeing, horse-drawn sleigh rides.  Kids can pour hot maple syrup on snow and then roll it around a Popsicle stick for a sweet treat.

The St. Boniface Cathedral is a beautiful church and landmark with a historic stone façade from a 1908 basilica that burned down.

For more information about Winnipeg’s French Quarter, please click here.

Winnipeg Outlet Collection


When our parents were young and even when we were young, Portage Avenue from Eatons to The Bay was the most popular place to shop, browse, people watch, and hang out.  Since then, most retail development and shopping activity has been moved to the suburbs and most downtown shopping is only done by people who live or work there. In our opinion, that is neither good, nor bad, but it is sad for many people who remember the good old days.

We fondly remember going to the magical toy department and then going to see Santa Claus and the amazing miniature Christmas display at Eatons department store. It was always a treat to go for a meal at the Paddlewheel Restaurant and a frosted malt at The Bay. We both even worked in the toy department at Eatons.

Polo Park is Winnipeg’s largest indoor shopping mall with 200 stores, which comes in handy during the 6 months of the year when snow is on the ground. The area surrounding Polo Park also has the largest retail floor space in the city, so you are sure to find what you are looking for if you head there. It’s also very close to the airport, so you can easily stop & shop there before you fly home.

Outlet Collection Winnipeg is Winnipeg’s only outlet mall where you can find over 100 retailers and outlet stores for many high-end luxury brands like Saks Fifth Avenue Off Fifth, Kate Spade, Tory Burch, Lacoste, Michael Kors, Guess, Calvin Klein as well as a really good food court. If you like Swedish furniture or Swedish meatballs, Ikea is right across the street. Winnipeg’s second largest retail area is in South-West Winnipeg on Kenaston Boulevard between Outlet Collection Winnipeg and SmartCentres Kenaston Common.

Wee Johnny’s

Open-mic comedy shows

One of Kevin’s favourite ways to unwind is to laugh at the many funny Winnipeg stand-up comedians at one of the comedy open mic shows around town.

Before the pandemic, you could find these shows pretty much every night of the week at places like Wee Johnny’s, The Good Will Social Club, The Handsome Daughter, Park Theatre, Shannon’s Irish Pub, and Underdogs.

Some comedians are seasoned performers trying out new material or just having fun, while others are terrified new amateurs. Even when they bomb onstage, we still enjoy it.

The shows are often free and the venues often offer great food and drink specials.

Bell MTS Place

Professional Sports & Gambling

If you are lucky and the timing is right, you might snag a ticket to see one of our exciting teams play a home game.

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are the reigning Canadian Football League champions known for their stingy and play-making defense.

The Winnipeg Jets play in the National Hockey League. We call them the “Jets 2.0” because our old NHL team left to become the Phoenix Coyotes until local businessmen purchased and re-located the Atlanta Thrashers here in 2011. Our goalie, Connor Hellebuyck, is the reigning Vezina trophy winner as the best goaltender in the league and we have several great players in the top 20 in NHL scoring each year.  The Bell MTS Place arena is conveniently located downtown.

We also have a minor league baseball team called the Winnipeg Goldeyes with a stadium close to The Forks and a professional soccer team called FC Valour that plays at Investors Group Field near the University of Manitoba, where the Bombers also play.

Although we don’t really consider it a sport, you can watch and bet on simulcast or live horse racing at Assiniboia Downs on the West outskirts of the city. Assiniboia Downs also has a fantastic restaurant overlooking the track and a large video lottery terminal casino. How many small towns have that?

On that note, three other Winnipeg slot machine and table gambling casino venues include Shark Club downtown, McPhillips Street Station in the Northwest part of Winnipeg, and Club Regent in the East side of town.

Winnipeg Art Gallery

Arts & Culture

Most people don’t know how many sophisticated cultural entertainment options are in Winnipeg.

The Winnipeg Art Gallery has impressive architecture and even more impressive permanent and travelling art exhibits inside. Next door is the soon-to-be-opened Inuit Art Centre next door, which will house the world’s largest collection of Inuit Art.

Winnipeg has the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, which is the longest continuously-operated ballet company in North America that was granted the “Royal” title in 1953.

Winnipeg also has the Manitoba Opera, Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra as well as the Winnipeg Jazz Festival in June each year.

Throughout the city, especially downtown, you will find many hidden gems of public art and murals. We once obtained a list of public art from the Manitoba Arts Council.


The Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre was Canada’s first English language regional theatre and was created more than 60 years ago. Each year, they produce 10 plays on two stages for 300,000 people.

Rainbow Stage is the most unique theatre venue I have seen in Canada. It is in Kildonan Park near the Red River in a partially-enclosed dome stadium. Rainbow Stage produces two excellent musical theatre shows each Summer and develops Manitoba artists and other theatre professionals.

If you are lucky enough to be in downtown Winnipeg in mid-July, you can probably catch a show at the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival, which is the second largest fringe festival in North America.

Trans Canada Brewing tasting room

Microbreweries and Distilleries

Most of the microbreweries and distilleries in Winnipeg have tasting rooms where you can purchase flights of samples and some even offer guided tours and free samples in hopes that you buy a bottle.

We recommend you take the tour at Half Pints Brewing and sample several of their beers if you are in Winnipeg on a Saturday afternoon.

Other microbreweries include Barn Hammer, Brazen Hall, Devil May Care, Kilter, La Brasserie Nonsuch, Little Brown Jug, One Great City, Sookram’s, Stone Angel, Torque, and Trans Canada Brewing.

Two award-winning distilleries with tours and tasting rooms are Capital K Distillery, Manitoba’s first locally-owned distillery, and Patent 5 Distillery, which has a historic ambiance in their tasting room.

Please click here to see a more detailed article about these microbreweries and distilleries in Winnipeg.

Peasant Cookery Moules et Frites & Cheese Board

Local restaurants

We recommend you try our unique local and ethnic restaurants and dishes when you are visiting Winnipeg, such as:

Other foods that Winnipeg is famous for include smoked Goldeye fish, Mennonite farmer’s sausage, and Jeanne’s Bakery cakes.

Please see a more detailed article about famous Winnipeg food and restaurants by clicking here.

Children’s activities

We could (and probably should) write an entire article about all of the fun things we did with our kids when they were growing up in Winnipeg. Such an article would include places like:


We hope that this article has inspired Manitobans to explore Winnipeg like tourists after the Covid-19 restrictions are removed.

We also hope that it provides inspiration and a to-do list for future tourists to Winnipeg.  Come and visit Winnipeg once it is safe. It’s worth the effort.

Please let us know in the comments below if you found anything interesting or if anything is missing.


Author Notes:

This post about the best things to do in Winnipeg, Manitoba is written in a perfect world where there are no travel restrictions or business closures due to a global pandemic.

Even people who live in an around Winnipeg can’t do much outside of the house right now. Off-and-on for a year, we have been urged not to leave the house except for one person to go shopping for essential items once per week.  

From June to October of 2020, many Winnipeggers and Manitobans were lucky enough to have that opportunity to become tourists in their own city and province.

We hope this Covid-19 situation gets under control soon so the code red lockdown can end and we can resume safely exploring and enjoying our great city.


Happy Travels,

Kevin & Tina

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  • Katherine Knowles

    I’ve always wanted to go to Canada, in fact I always say to my husband if it wasn’t for our family here I would move to Canada. One day if I do ever get to visit Winnipeg looks like the perfect place to go. Your so lucky to live in such a beautiful place

    • Kevin Strong

      You will have a great time on your future trip to Canada. Winnipeg is right in the middle of Canada (which is a huge country), but if you are seeing both Toronto and Vancouver, you can pop in for a visit to experience some of the great things to do in Winnipeg from this Winnipeg travel guide.

      We couldn’t agree more that we are extremely lucky to live in Winnipeg.

  • Laura

    I love Winnipeg! I have family there, and love when I can visit. I love it especially in the Summertime for many of the reasons listed!

    • Kevin Strong

      Nice to meet you and we are happy to hear that you also love Winnipeg. We hope you can visit Winnipeg again safely soon.

      We try to make it exciting in the Winter (bars and restaurants are normally hopping without the current restrictions), but Summers are even better because they are so full of outdoor activities, events, & festivals in addition to the year-round things to do in Winnipeg.

    • Kevin Strong

      We are definitely friendly Manitobans (maybe not so much friendly drivers, though).

      You really should visit when it is safe. There are so many wonderful and fun things to do in Winnipeg.

    • Kevin Strong

      It makes sense to come to Winnipeg in Winter if you don’t get snow or outdoor snowy Winter activities where you live. However, there are amazing things to do in Winnipeg in the Summer too. Depending on when you come, a weekend trip might be a good way to start experiencing Winnipeg and a few of its attractions, restaurants and festivals.

  • Jodie | That Happy Reader

    I have really enjoyed this series and hope to get to Winnipeg soon! Your posts certainly display your pride in the city and given your readers lots of reasons to visit. Thanks for sharing.

    • Kevin Strong

      We are happy to hear that our pride shows. There are so many reasons to visit Winnipeg. We hope that some people get intrigued and add Winnipeg to their travel bucket lists.

      • Saph

        I’ve been dying to go to Canada for years but never knew where specifically – I’m now adding Winnipeg to the list! My boyfriend would love The Manitoba Museum.

        Thank you for this, it’s so refreshing to see people that love their Hometown so much!

        Saph x

        • Kevin Strong

          We certainly love Winnipeg.
          There are several interesting museums and historical sites among the many other things to do in Winnipeg that are great reasons to visit Winnipeg.

  • Tom

    I might not be that close to retirement (probably) but Canada has been on my bucket list for ages, and Winnipeg looks incredible! I’ll confess I had only heard it referenced in various pop culture features, but it’s totally deserving of this proper recognition, it looks wonderful

    • Kevin Strong

      You can retire young, like us. Then, you can travel and find some places you love and where want to spend time or eventually move.
      The references in media are usually comical, but there are lots of great things to do in Winnipeg and its a great place to visit and live.

  • Angie Soul

    I’ve never heard about Winniepeg before reading this post but it honestly sounds like a blast and full of culture! I’m not a fan of the cold but I am curious as to what the weather is like during the summer months. Thank you for sharing! Great post.

    • Kevin Strong

      You and 98% of the world haven’t heard of Winnipeg, but I’m hoping to spread the word about all of the great things to do in Winnipeg and why people should travel to Winnipeg.
      You can have fun in Winnipeg in Winter, but Summer is hot and sunny for amazing outdoor activities in Winnipeg too.

  • Barry

    I never knew Winnipeg was the near geographical centre of Canada and North America – an interesting fact, or that it is the slurpee capital of Canada. I had to look the word slurpee up as being a Brit it is not one we use – another interesting fact. It thas a big number of other records too!
    An avaerage of minus 11 degress in Winter – WOW, that is cold – reminds me of my trip to Iceland!
    With the Markets, Parks, theatres, shopping areas and Museums there is clearly plenty to get immersed into in Winnipeg. Never knew it had so much to do and see, thanks for the info.
    I’ve been to Toronto, Niagara, Montreal, Ottawa and Quebec city and loved them all – next time I obviously need to venture more west!

    • Kevin Strong

      Wow! You have been to many Canadian cities (some really great ones). More than most Canadians. Definitely make your way through Manitoba (and enjoy some of the things to do in Winnipeg) all the way out to the Rocky Mountains.

  • Mitch - Very Tasty World

    So many things to do in Winnipeg. Loved reading about the myths about the city! It looks as though it has an incredibly lively cultural scene and the microbreweries/distilleries sound really interesting. We’d love to try the smoked Goldeye fish, Mennonite farmer’s sausage too.

    • Kevin Strong

      Thanks. We are trying to let people know how great and fun this small city is and that there are many amazing things to do in Winnipeg that justify making the effort to travel here. Farmer’s sausage is great at any time of day.

  • Paul (Paul Passing Through)

    You’re definitely right about those incorrect stereotypes of Winnipeg. Everytime the Pens play the Jets I think of Winnipeg as a cold, arid rural town. That’s nothing against Winnipeg – it’s just what I assume all of Canada is east of Vancouver and west of Toronto. Thanks for sharing and opening my eyes!

    • Kevin Strong

      Thanks for being honest about your perceptions. It’s understandable because of the media references. I’ll admit it’s cold sometimes (including today), but we have a great life here and there are many unique things to do in Winnipeg for international travellers to enjoy.

  • Stepen & Andie

    This is fantastic! I feel like I have such a better sense of what Winnipeg’s all about and what it has to offer – which, apparently, is a LOT! And I love that Neil Young (and Burton Cummings, too) made it into this post. I’m a MASSIVE fan of Neil’s work. I really enjoyed the perceptions/myths vs. facts breakdown, and hope to be able to visit for myself one day sooner than later!

    • Kevin Strong

      There’s a lot of misconceptions about Winnipeg, but some of the rumours are true and we embrace all aspects of living in Winnipeg. I hope you can visit Winnipeg to enjoy all of the special things to do in Winnipeg.

  • JoJo Hall

    It seems like no matter what time of year you visit, you’ll aways find something to see or do in Winnipeg. You can definitely make it a weekend trip or a 2 week trip, depending on how much you want to see and do there.

    • Kevin Strong

      I think you can see the big attractions and must-see things to do in Winnipeg if you had 3 or 4 full days here and that it would be a world-class experience.

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